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Terms of sale

Sale conditions

Partecipants of the auction must adhere to the following conditions

1. Premise
The merchandise up for auction is the property of a third party, that they guarantee the lawful origination.


2. Authenticity and Preservation
1.            The proposed has been accurately examined and is guaranteed authentic (see also 8.1).
2.            The state of preservation of the item indicated in the catalogue has been determined by our experienced staff and formulated in a vigorously detailed manner. Despite this, we do ask our clients to view and examine the item(s) personally or by their own expert.


3. Cataloguing and Photography
1.            In order to catalogue the items, the most qualified texts have been utilized and are noted in their relative reference numbers. These indications have no other role other than to facilitate the collector in his research of the items and do not constitute obligation of any kind.
2.            Most of the lots have been photographed in order to provide an overall view of the item(s) for those who cannot be present at the auction. The written description of the item, however, outweighs any printed error in the case of an inexact catalogue reference number to a photograph and we do not accept any responsibility.


4. Appraisal
The price indicated in the catalogue represents the starting auction price below which the sale of the item will not be effectuated. These appraisals, expressed in Euros, have been formulated according to professional yet prudential criteria. In order to have a high probability of sales, we advise our clients who intend to make written bids to bid at least 20-30% above the starting price.


5. Viewing
The proposed lots will be available for viewing at the moment of exposition or by appointment at the offices of Varesi s.r.l. on the days preceding the auction. Viewing the item(s) up for auction offers the client the possibility of verifying the state of preservation (see point 2/2).


6. Participation in the auction
1.            One can partecipate in the auction in person on through written bids in a sealed envelope, sent by fax, or offered by telephone followed by written confirmation offered before or on the day of the auction. Varesi s.r.l. will not apply any additional fees. By signing the offer one explicitly and unconditionally accepts the sales conditions hereby described.
2.            The minimum bid rise is 10,00 Euro for small sums. Any eventual fractions will be rounded up or down (i.e. 182 would be rounded down to 180 and 178 would be rounded up to 180).
3.            It is possible to indicate on the order form alternative lots and preferential lots: such offers will be taken into consideration only in the case that the preferential lots have already been assigned a commission by a higher entity.
Important: The law requires us to identify the buyers at auction, so the bidders are required to submit a copy of valid document. Foreign buyers will also communicate the date and place of birth

7. Juding and collection of material
1.            If two written offers are of the same value, the lot will be sold to the offer registered first.
2.            The bid rises in the auction hall, normally about 10%, will be at the discretion of the sales director.
3.            The following auction fee (I.V.A. tax included) will be added to the selling price: 18%   
4.            Those present at the auction must pay for and collect all purchases by the end of the auction.
5.            Insured shipping is at the purchaser’s expense: 0,5% on the hammer's total (min. of 13 Euro for conventional insurance and 20 Euro for each cash payment on delivery). Alternative it is possible to request shipping through a private entity whereupon the price for which will be set at the moment of shipping.
6.            The auction participants via post order must call +39,0382 570685 the second day after the auction in order to enquire about the final judging.
7.            Exportation: For shipping beyond italian borders all items older than 50 years we must asf for the export licence and it needs about 12 weeks. This procedure does not stop the payment terms of the invoice, which must be paid within 15 days of receipt of the same.

                Remittance may be paid through:
a) Non-transferable bank cheque or draft made out to Varesi s.r.l. (+ € 15,00)
b) Postal order payable at the post office PV 4.
c) Wire to UBI-Banca, ag. of San Martino Siccomario (PV), Via Roma 23.
IBAN IT 72 R 03111 56210 0000 0000 2977   Swift code BLOPIT22  (Send wire confirmation via fax or registered mail).

8. Contestations
Claims will be accepted:
1.            Within 1 year of receipt in the case of dubious authenticity or grave hidden defects.
2.            For postal disservice that has caused full or partial damage or loss to the parcel (claims must be made with the post carrier immediately upon receipt).
Claims will not be accepted:
3.            Regarding the state of preservation, which has been evaluated by the personnel.
4.            For defects cited in the catalogue or easily seen in the photographs of the merchandise.
5.            For all regarding multiple lots (conservation, composition, etc...).
6.            In the case that the purchases has not strictly followed the above stipulations and rules.
Method of claim:
7.            The material in question must be correctly packed, shipped and insured by the sender (any payment for shipping upon receipt will be refused). The sender is directly responsible for the care and handling of the material up to its delivery to Varesi s.r.l..


9. Miscellaneous Information
1.            The auction sales director has the right during the sale to re-group, divide or remove lots and/or vary the order. This also holds in the case of judging contestations.
2.            The purchaser is responsible for objects that must be notified to the State, according to Article 2, 3, 5 of Law 1089 of 01/06/1939.
3.            All purchasers are directly responsible for their purchases and may not claim to have made the purchase for other persons or entities.
4.            The sales director holds unquestionable judgement and has the right to remove any distirbances or obstacles during the auction and may use public forces in order to remove those who refuse to leave the auction hall.


The law court of Pavia (Italy) has jurisdiction over any disputes.